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Sams Eremophobia

Which Fellowship disorder are you?
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LiveJournal Username
Do you watch anime?
Do you speak Japanese?
Do you read Japanese?
What if LiveJournal were an anime?
Pick a Beach Boys song.
The performer of the opening themekaworu_
The magical girlwideocean
The talking animalsnuffkin
The lecherous old manchani_atreides
The teenager who uses ancient magic to win gamestaelonmahal
The fifteen-year-old Japanese girl with blond hair and a D cupflippolino
Number of seasons it would last37,937
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What will your next Signifigant Others Fetish be?
Name / LJ Username
Astrological Sign
Fetish Domination
Will you run away in fear? No, you decide it can't be THAT bad.
Chance You'll Participate - 93%
Will you like it? Yes, You'll beg for more!
This quiz by keohookalani - Taken 11375 Times.
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Which 1980's Cartoon did you Hoplessly Watch? by cerulean_dreams
Do you still like cartoons?
You hopelessly were addicted to
How many times you've seen it302,264
Likeliness it will be aired again: 22%
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Yeah! That´s right! :o
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