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Seen at scatterheart

(1)means I loved it/watched it religiously/etc.
(2)means I liked it but did not watch religiously.
(3)means I didn't see it or was pretty much indifferent to it.
(4)means I have seen it but disliked it.
(5)means I added this show to the list

(3)Absolutely Fabulous
(3)Adventures of Jules Verne
(3)Alien Nation
(3)Amazing Stories
(3)Arrested Development
(2)The Avengers
(3)Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Wow, that title sounds scary!)
(1)Babylon 5 (I absolutly love that show!)
(2)Babylon 5: Crusade
(1)Batman (Holy icecube!)
(2)Batman: The Animated Series
(1)Battlestar Galactica
(1)Battlestar Galactica (New)
(3)Blake's Seven
(3)Beauty and the Beast
(2)The Bionic Woman
(1)Brisco County Jr.
(1)Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(3)The Crow: Stairway to Heaven
(3)Danger Man/Secret Agent Man
(2)Dark Angel
(3)Dark Shadows
(1)Darkwing Duck (Let´s get daaangerous!! I loved this one as a kid.)
(3)The Daily Show
(3)Dead Like Me
(3)Day of the Triffids (UK)
(2)Desperate Housewives (I have seen the pilot. Twice! *lol*)
(1)Doctor Who (Exterminate!!!! I love this show!)
(3)Doogie Howser, M.D.
(1)Duck Tales (Yeah, another favorite show from my childhood!)
(3)due South
(2)Earth 2
(3)Electro-Woman and Dina-Girl
(3)Family Guy
(3)Freaks and Geeks
(3)Forever Knight
(3)Greatest American Hero
(3)Highlander: The Raven (Okay, it was crap but I´ve seen a couple of episodes.)
(3)Homicide: Life on the Street
(3)HR Puffinstuf
(3)I, Claudius
(3)The Invisible Man (SciFi Channel)
(2)Knight Rider (The Knight and his car and of course the 80´s hair. I loved it as a kid.)
(2)Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
(3)Land of the Lost
(2)The Legend of Hercules (Yeah, and I had to hide it in school. *lol*)
(3)Lost In Space
(3)Max Headroom
(3)Maximum Bob
(3)My So-Called Life
(3)Mystery Science Theatre 3000
(3)Monty Python's Flying Circus
(3)The Night Gallery
(2)Nip/Tuck (I´ve seen two or three episodes. Funny but I was not so impressed with it)
(3)Nowhere Man
(1)The Outer Limits (Yeah, that show has given me some sleepless nights in my youth!)
(3)The Powers of Matthew Star
(3)The Prisoner
(1)Quantum Leap (OMG! Dr. Beckett never leaped home. :()
(3)Queer as Folk (UK)
(3)Queer as Folk (US)
(3)Red Dwarf
(1)Robin of Sherwood (I have some childhood memories of that show. I soo much want the DVDs.)
(3)The Sentinel
(2)Sex and the City (I didn´t get it anyway)
(2)The Six Million Dollar Man (Lee Mayors! My childhood hero!)
(1)The Simpsons (I loved the show but havn´t seen it latly)
(2)Smallville (It´s trash but with slash *lol*)
(2)Space: Above and Beyond (I´m going to watch it anytime soon)
(3)Space Cases
(1)Star Trek: TOS (OMG! My all time heroes! Ahead Warp two, Mr. Sulu!)
(1)Star Trek: TNG (They are my family. Make it so!)
(1)Star Trek: DS9 (Best Star Trek Show EVER!)
(1)Star Trek: Enterprise (At least it ends with a wonderful season!)
(2)Star Trek: Voyager (I havn´t seen the last two seasons completly.)
(1)Stargate: SG-1 (Sir you did it again! - Okay? How did I do it this time? Funniest Sci-Fic on TV)
(1)Stargate: Atlantis (McShep!)
(5)Saber Rider and the Star Sherriffs
(3)Tales from the Crypt
(3)Tales from the Darkside
(3)The Third Eye
(3)The Tick- animated
(3)The Tick- Live action
(2)Time Trax
(2)The Muppet Show
(3)The Piglet Files
(3)The Storyteller (Jim Henson Productions)
(3)The Tomorrow People
(3)The Tribe
(3)The Twilight Zone
(1)Twin Peaks
(3)Veronica Mars
(3)Vampire: The Masquerade
(2)Wonder Woman
(2)Xena: Warrior Princess
(1)The X-Files
(2)X-Files: Lone Gunmen
(3)You Can't Do That On Television
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