spikewtb (spikewtb) wrote,

Batman Begins

I´ve just watched Batman Begins.

I really really liked the movie. Though there were one major plothole which didn´t make any sense but I liked it. Christian Bale is a great Batman but he sounded so strange with the voice scrambler or what he used. It does make more sense though because I´ve always wondered why nobody recognized his voice. Espesially the people who know Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Okay the story didn´t add something new to Batman and it was a typical superhero movie but the characters were true. I´m a huge Batman Fan and this movie brings back the dignity and complexety to the character of Bruce Wayne and Batman. I missed these elements in the last two Batman movies. Okay Batman Forever had something of that stuff too.

I really loved Michael Cain as Alfred. His performance was awesome and Gary Oldman as Gordon as well. I don´t know if the movie is something for people who don´t like superhero movies but it was a good movie.

It was fun. :) For me at least and I can´t wait to see the sequel.
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